New life

Peace be upon you .

How's your holiday ? Mine sucks -.-'' Haih keep doing the same routine almost everyday okay . Seems like I'm gonna be the laziest person ever in the world . Yea yea do you get what I mean ? No ? K . Its been a long time since last I updated my blog . OHH OHH update or updated ? hahaha feels like an idiot man . Confused with that stupid ''grammar'' -.-

There's so many things I wanna share with you dear Mr.Bloggie . Everything has changed now . I'm no longer with him . We already broke up since 2 weeks ago . err maybe ? haih . I don't even think that our relationship will end up like this . His promises still linger in my head . I never regret it . What is past is past and I know let bygone be bygone right ? yeah . So this is what Allah has written for me . Takdir kan ? I've to accept it and move on . No use to regret . I years 4 months yea quite long . But don't worry we're still friend . Break up doesn't mean we should be enemy :)

When he knew I already got a new Bf he was shocked . I KNOW . I know he must been thingking that I broke up with him because of that guy . Nahh that's not the reason why . I just move on . How long must I keep pretending that I'm happy ? But the fact is I am not happy . Life must go on . Forget all of our promises but please don't forget our memories . I know you can live without me . Go and find someone better than me . Find a girl who knows how to make you happy . A girl who can understand you . Well , thats all I think . I don't have mood to post or update or whatever . Feels like dying . I don't know why our memories keep playing in my mind . I hate this feelings . I hate everything . I just want to be happy and move on .

A new life . A new book . A new chapter . With a new person . I'm move on okay . I'm not replacing you with another guy . You should move on too . I'm now happy with him and I love him so much . He used to be my Bff but now my love lewls ~ k . I think thats all for today . Will update again soon , In Shaa Allah . Good Night

p/s : I love you so much Ahmad Naim :*

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