Hey there? Well, I'm so so so damn bored right now. I don't know what to do. My phone is out of credit while I'm texting with him. Hergh and I don't have the chance to tell him and yeah he must be waiting for my reply. Sorry darling. So wassup? How's your hols guys? Great or worst? Okay nevermind. whatever it is just take a good care of yourself okay. Enjoy while you can but don't forget your safety okay darlings. So what am I trying to say hmm I don't have interesting topic to share with you guys. So I think I will tell you guys about my vacation at SOMEWHERE IN NOWHERE this upcoming 7 december which is tomorrow. Maigad I can't wait hehe. Keep calm and watch gossip girl hahaha ._. So guys my parents have decided to go to the secret island which is at er I don't really sure where is the exact location haha k. Boringgggg what a bored Thursday. Chilling while eating durians, rambutans, manggis make me sick. Watch movies all the time just to forget my 'boredom'. Eat, eat and eat while I can and never get KENYANG. hahaha I know I know its not good for my health but who cares? YOU? Hahaha I will die if I don't eat. Sounds weird but you know I don't have the guts to lie to you guys its true okay the fact is I'm gonna die if there's no food. Like seriously food is my everything okay. I have a good relationship with Mr.Food haha. Usually people will say we eat to live but for me that is so not true duhh I live to eat okay. HIDUP UNTUK MAKAN. hahaha sorry if I annoys you guys. I'm so out of control right now. The boredness is controlling me hard right now. So I better switch off my computer and go downstairs and search for something to eat. So that's all for now. Bye :*