Forever you will be my HERO :')

Assalamualaikum :')

He used to be my everything . My hero . My love . My soul . I love him so much Allah . I do miss him Allah . Its been a year you leave me . When times get hard my mind stuck and thingking about you . I wish you were always here beside me . I wish you're the one who wipe my tears . You always make me smile and laugh with your jokes daddy . I miss you so much . My life is incomplete without you . The time when Allah takes you away I can't stop crying . You're so close to me . I know you love me daddy . I always pray for you . May Allah put you in Jannah . In Shaa Allah . Your little girl miss you . Daddy I'm a big girl now . Big girl with a tiny heart . Daddy I don't know how to take care of myself . I wish you were here and teach me how to take care of myself and be a strong girl . Daddy why everyone keep hurting me ? Im hurt always get hurt . I don't know what to do . I tried my best to hide my tears and my broken heart and tackle life with a fake smile . You know I'm not that strong . I wish you were here . Allah know how much I miss you . No one can replace you in my heart . You'll always be my HERO . Al-Fatihah

P/S : Atuk daddy , I miss you so bad . Wish you were here grandpa :'(

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