I'm afraid .

I'm so worried right now . I just don't know how to tell ya . I don't know what will I be in the future . I wish my dreams will come true . I really wanna make my parents proud with me and be a damn rich girl one day. Desperately I want that to be happen to me one day . Happy with my life , my family , friends and the one I really love . I'm scared . Allah please help me . Final exam is just around the corner . I'm busy with my studies and some revision but I don't think so I can get a good results . I always have a negative thingking . Haishh I know without a hard work my dreams will never come true . I want a happy life . Next year SPM then what else ? College ? Hmm yeahh . I'm so scared Allah . I know I'm a big girl now but still I don't know how to take care of myself . what a tough life . I can't sleep . I don't know why maybe I'm afraid with myself . Ahh damn . Please pray for me . I think thats all for tonight . Hmm Gudnite , Sweet dreams dear .

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